Putnam County Operation Life hosts and sponsors a number of educational opportunities for advanced life support providers, basic life support providers, and members of the public.

Medical direction is provided to Putnam County Operation Life by Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, which provides Emergency Medical Services Audit & Review continuing education on a monthly basis in Putnam County.  All EMS providers, from any system or licensure level are welcome at our Putnam County EMS Audit & Review.  There is no cost to attend.  EMS continuing education credits will be issued at the conclusion of Audit & Review.

Information about upcoming Operation Life educational offerings, plus news about primary and continuing EMS education from external sources can be found in the ‘Events’ calendar, located to your right.  Clicking on a highlighted event link will show you the following information:

-Date(s) and Time(s) of the educational opportunity
-Location of the educational opportunity, usually including a Google Maps link
-Cost, if any
-Who is sponsoring health care organization or responsible party for the educational event
-Registration information, including a link to any on-line registration
-Easy to use links for exporting the event from our website to your Android (Google) or Apple (iCal) device